The SunLounge has been designed for ease of installation. None of the beams or parts require any kind of cutting in the field. The only modifications required are drilling a few holes. We wanted to make the installation like putting a large piece of IKEA furniture together and reduce the room for error.


The major difference between our carport and our outdoor living spaces is that the Carports use 10ft and 12ft Columns and our living spaces use 8ft and 10ft columns. The Carports are also designed with Ballards in front of the columns to protect them from collision. You can also select a carport configuration to use as a living space if you are wanting a taller structure.


Our 14 standard configurations are designed to be used with solar modules 89-90” x 44-45” for optimal design. However, our structure can be used with any size module. Most 500-550w bifacial modules on the market are those dimensions and the 550w modules get you the best price per watt overall on the structure and installation costs. 

We have configurations both in layouts 4 and 5 modules per bay in landscape. Getting you 2.2kW and 2.75kW per bay respectively. And sizes from 12 modules up to 50 modules. See our chart below for the different dimensions and module counts and total kW (based on 550w solar panels). 


Sun Beam

Our structural beam creates the rafter that holds solar modules when combined with the top cap and wire trough . Bonding jumpers bond the modules to the framing system using the bonding rail. Optimizers can be mounted to the bonding rail using the same brackets used for module frame mounting. Wire management clips can be clipped onto the bonding rail to keep wires hidden and organized. Our structural beam can span over 14 feet, needing only two points of attachment. 

Top Cap

EPDM gaskets slide into slots on the top cap to make a watertight seal against the solar modules. he Top Cap is then secured to the threaded channel in the Sunbeam using 5/16 stainless hex bolts creating a very strong connection that secures modules in high winds.



Slides into the Top Cap to create a watertight seal and can also be used in the Sun Beam gasket slots to grip the modules and make placement easier.

Wire Trough

Slides into the Sunbeam to completely conceal wiring and optimizers leaving you with a clean look from below. 


Frame Beam

Our frame beams are a two part structural beam system that has two large chaseways . One for AC wiring and the other for your DC home runs. All of your wiring can be concealed within the headers and posts assembled using these frame beams resulting in no exposed conduit. Our 8”x 5 ¼” assembled beam can span up 18 feet while supporting our Sunbeams which mean fewerColumns to give you more open space.

U Bracket

The connection between the Sunbeam and the Frame Beam with a built in opening large enough to slide ¾” conduit into if needed or to pass wiring under the Sunbeams along the top of the Frame Beam header.


L Brackets

Used to mount the Frame Beam corner columns to the Framebeam header. 

Frame T

Used to mount theFrame Beam columns to the Frame Beam headers where the two meet. We have 2 versions, one for areas without an NS brace, and one with a cutout to make room for the NS brace.


Post Base

Our unique post bases are open to bring 2 x 1” conduits into the bottom of the frame beam columns to bring DC wiring from the array to the inverter. This brings AC power to the SunLounge for lighting, fans, and outlets. The ¾ bolt slots allow for adjustability to ensure that the columns line up and are level. 

NS Brace

North/South Frame Beam braces that lock the structure and withstand strong the winds.


LED Light Strips

Customize your SunLounge! Our integrated dotless LED light strips fit perfectly in the T-Bolt slots of the Frame Beam and Sunbeam to bring accent lighting to the Sunlounge. Lighting can be standard warm or cool white to light or a variety of colors and pattern combinations to make the space come alive at night!

Bifacial Modules

Our structures are designed for Bifacial solar modules which have the ability to produce additional power from reflected light below and allow for filtered sunlight to shine through the roof to the patio below. The brighter the floor of your patio, the more power you will produce from your space.

2605 Powdercoating

Our beams and brackets are all powder coated with 2605 powder which is the strongest and longest lasting UV protected gloss powder coating available. This meansmeans your sunlounge will look beautiful well into the future. 

Color Options

Our standard colors include White, Sand, and Black. Consider two tone options by selecting colors for the Sunbeams, Frame Beams, and Brackets. 

T-bolt Slots

M10 T-bolts can be used to mount a variety of accessories, from TV mounts, to fans, to wrapping the columns with Trex or any other type of outdoor building product to customize the look and feel of your outdoor living space. 

Adhesive Gasket

Our EPDM ¼” thick double sided adhesive gasket is made to handle UV and extreme temperatures. It is attached in between the modules where they meet the top to bottom in each bay making a watertight seal so that no water will drip into your space

Leak Control

As an extra precaution, a channel within the sunbeam serves as a gutter that would catch any water if it were to ever seep under the EPDM gasket on the Top Cap or along the seams between modules. The channel catches the water and funnels it out the end of the sunlounge instead of dripping into your outdoor living space or carport.