Creating functional spaces that pay for themselves with solar energy

If you are interested in building an outdoor living space or carport for your home or business then Infinity Rack is the answer.

Solar Roof

Infinity structures feature a proprietary watertight solar roof design to provide power for your home or commercial building.



We have beautiful affordable and functional solutions for your house or commercial property.



Carports and Canopies


Do you want to cover your vehicles from sun, rain, or snowwhile generating clean electric power for your house, commercial building, or EV charging station? Infinity Sunports are the answer for you!


Do you like spending time outside with your family and friends? Infinity Sunspacesprovide recreation and protection from the weather while providing clean power to your living space or home.

Who We Developed Infinity Rack For

First and foremost we wanted this to appeal to teams on the ground level who are installing our products. We wanted to make this as easy as possible for them to install and make it so that they could do it quickly and be able to stop and admire how awesome the structure they just built came out and how much their work stands out.

Our next goal was for this to be a product that really caught the attention of homeowners. We wanted to help them see an alternative to putting modules on their roof. We want to give them the ability to not only become energy independent but be able to create a comfortable space to spend time outdoors or a place to park their car and even charge it from the sun.

Lastly, we want to give business owners the perfect product to make a statement about renewable energy that is aesthetically appealing. Something that can give employees or customers a protected and shaded place to park their vehicles and charge them with renewable energy.



We found the perfect way to make solar functional through 15 years of R&D which has culminated in manufacturing Infinity Rack solar structures.